About MaryAnn

Do you ever stop yourself in the middle of your work day and think, “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now...” like you’re living your truth, and doing what you' re meant to do?  That’s me and my relationship with food and cooking. 

My name is Maryann Minck - I am a Laguna Beach-based mom, wife and private chef. The private chef part really helps with the mom and wife parts.

Food and cooking are my life.  Food is a unifier.  A meal brings people together in a special way.  Comforting, familiar, essential... food is a part of major events and every day life.  First dates, apologies, job offers... all so much easier over a good meal.

In 2001 I cut my teeth as a private chef, cooking for Hollywood executives, and while balancing a fledgling Stand Up Comedy stint, cooking in the private sector afforded me a steady, creatively earned paycheck.

I met my husband in June of 2003, and moved back to Orange County in 2005 (he and I both grew up here), where I continued working as a private chef for families. I briefly moonlighted as a specialty produce rep, and spent many hours working with local produce farmers. In doing so, I developed a profound awareness for the importance of seasonality and locally grown produce.  Produce tastes better when it is picked and eaten in season.  Locally grown produce also does wonders for your conscience, reducing your carbon footprint with little to no travel radius.

I continue to cook for families in Orange County and Los Angeles (and occasionally far away for my absolute favorites) planning large scale special events, nightly meals, dinner parties, cleanses, and everything in between.